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Where else can you go to work, and spend the day drawing, dreaming and playing video games? Here at OrbiGames we encourage our team members to do just that. And that’s what keeps us loving what we do, and making really great games. Located in Dubai, OrbiGames strives to be the best possible Games it can be.



Studio Highlights


Hamda Adventure

October 1, 2019

Game Description:

Hamda Adventure is a fun game with an Emirati traditional flare.The name of the character is 'Hamda', She  emphasizes a heroic game character on story lines rooted in exploring the different scenes of old Dubai, including the desert,the sea and the caves. Assist 'Hamda' in her adventure journey. Gain as many rewards and golden bracelets as possible,while navigating your way around hazards and monsters.



United Arab Emirates - Dubai